Coding vs Coffee

I have forever been a lover of coffee. When I say forever, it’s right from when I was 2, to be precise. Yes, I do remember my first smell of coffee. Unfortunately, neither I nor my mom are the best coffee makers in the world. Not that it’s terrible or anything, but it’s not the best I have drunk.

Now let’s come to the act of drinking coffee itself. I am not an addict, I drink 2 cups of coffee a day, and that’s about it. Occasionally, rarely 4. Coffee lovers always have this pride that no one can love coffee as they do. I had that, too, for a brief period. Maybe I didn’t transform into an adult completely.

For you to fight over your love for coffee, you have to be in the presence of good coffee. If not, everyone would just call out “coffee is bad” and mind their own business. In the presence of good coffee, love comes to life. Your eyes close as you sip through that hot gold savoring it every bit. Let me stop right there before I convert this into another poetry about coffee.

Fortunately or unfortunately, good coffee was beyond my reach until I was 23. As I said, the coffee lovers started rising, and we all started sharing how much we love coffee. It was a celebration every time we have coffee together. There is black, dark, light, cold, whatnot—the varieties, the colors, the experiences.

As a coffee lover, It would be unfair to compare my love for coffee with my fellow mates. To imagine that their love is better to mine. Just because an expresso shot doesn’t excite me doesn’t mean I am a bad coffee lover. My inability to take a sip of black coffee can’t question my love for coffee, Right?

Similarly, if you love technology, it doesn’t matter how much other people love it, what tool they are using, how fast they can gulp a concept down. You all have your own taste and your own pace.

No technology is better than the other. It’s all essential, it’s all necessary.

As a technologist, let’s come together and share our love for technology just like we did for coffee: the varieties, the colors, the experiences, the good and the bad.

Let’s share what we learned. Let’s spread knowledge.