How to Make Your Github Profile StandOut?

How does the recruiters ensure that the skills you claim to have are the skills you actually have? The industry is moving from resumes to Github profiles to screen candidates. This comes handy when you have no work experience as a fresher or entering the industry after a break. Github let’s you showcase your work without any industry expereince. Hence it is important to make it standout and show the best version of you.

1. Setup a Complete Profile

Add your image, a detailed bio. Keep the username closer to your name.

2. Showcase your Current Project.

The number of projects on your account doesn’t matter. One good well documented and the working project is much better than multiple projects.

3. Showcase your Trajectory

It’s okay to have half done projects. Don’t have to remove your old projects. It shows how far you have come along.

4. Show & Tell

Readme files are the face of your project. Use them to your full advantage. Instead of writing what your project is, how about adding a live link? If you don’t have one hosted, create a video. Worst case, at least add a screenshot.

5. Showcase your best work

Pinned repositories are the best way to capture someone’s attention. Use it to your advantage and add your favorite projects

6. Track Your Progress

Don’t just upload projects to Github. Version control them. Use proper commit messages. Your commit messages should read like a story, show your progress. If you are building your projects from scratch, log your learning.

7. Help Other

Create a repo of resources that worked the best for you(that’s how you end up mentoring others).

8. Show your team skills

Invite a friend to work on a project with you, write about that experiecne. Show that you are a team player without working for a team.

9. Stay consistent

Code every day. The Green thingy at the bottom of your profile will speaks for you.

10. Think Like Your User

Put on a recruiter hat and go through your profile. See what catches their attention, what questions will they be asking, how do you answer them?

Be it writing code or writing content, Here is a tip to instantly increase the quality Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. - Bhavani Ravi