10 Myths Busters for a CodeNewbie

  1. C/C++ is the basics of programming

    • Nope! C, C++, Java, Python are all programming languages, you can learn one without knowing another
  2. You have to master all the programming languages

    • Learning more than one language might sound cool, but not necessary.
    • Focus on a segment rather than a programming language. For eg., Frontend needs HTML, CSS, JS, backend needs Python/Java + Framework
  3. Experienced people know it all

    • No one can keep up to the speed of the industry. Everyone is learning and evolving.
  4. You need to be a pro at Math

    • Programming needs logic, you can do that with or without mathematics. It is just nice to have not a necessity
  5. I can’t do hackerrank problems, I am a bad developer

    • WRONG! Hackerrank only shows you competitive problem-solving. You can build an app without clearing any hackerrank problems
  6. I will never get there

    • You will. Keep practicing, keep connecting to people. You will.
  7. Certifications matter

    • No, it doesn’t. Companies look for skills, not certifications. If you know swimming good enough. You don’t need a certificate to prove it
  8. You need a job to get experience

    • The whole of technology revolves around open-source, where the code is available for everyone to use and change. You can contribute to these projects and gain experience.
  9. I can’t build a project that’s already available

    • You can copy. There is no harm in that. Try developing your own version of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  10. I don’t know the syntax; I’m bad.

    • Big NO. You have documentation to help you with the syntax. It’s not your job to remember it. Your job is to use these tools to arrive at the solution