10 Ideas to Stay Consistent in Your Learning Journey


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I have completed running two batches of #PythonToProject Bootcamp

Here are the 10 learning ideas that helped the people step up and finish their projects

1/10 Show Up For Yourself

Showing up is powerful. It is a commitment to yourself and others. We have 2 hours of teaching every week + 1 hour of CoWorking session every day.

People who showed up at least twice a week really stepped up from when they started

2/10 Growth takes time

When you burn a disk with new information, it takes time to load. Our brain works the same way.

It takes time to accumulate new information, processes it, and absorb it. Stick with it until it becomes a part of you

3/10 No input No output

Imagine getting a gym membership, only to walk around the gym and not engaging in any workouts.

The ones who catch up, work on the exercises, engage with their peers really shine through.

4/10 Mistakes are okay

If you hold yourself back from putting out bad code, you will never get to writing good code.

A code editor is your canvas. It's okay to get a few strokes wrong initially.

5/10 Peer reviews pave the way for more learning

It can be daunting to put your code out for someone to see, but the upside is far too high.

Whenever there was a peer review, my students learned a new way of writing code, a new way of thinking.

6/10 Log your Learning

During your initial learning days, it's pretty common to repeat the same mistake twice. That's when learn logs come in really handy.

  • Log every error
  • Log how you solved it
  • Log the stackoverflow links

7/10 Ask Questions

Humans evolved because they questioned everything. Asking questions does two things.

  1. It feeds your curiosity and gets the answer
  2. It let's other person learn something new

Here is one such question that sent me on a research spree

8/10 Tools vs. Skills

You can't enter the road to mastery without the groundwork.

It's easy to write an ORM, but knowing how DB works and designing relational models gives you an upper hand

Tools often change, skills not so much.

9/10 Learn In Iteration

Oftentimes people give up even before starting because the task feels overwhelming.

You can't master everything overnight. You only have to plan the next step.

10/10 Learning Never Ends

There is always gonna be something new to learn.

You cannot learn everything that tech comprises in your life span.

Making peace with the above facts will free you from the guilt of "not knowing" and nudge you into the path of "Learning every day."

11/10 - Bonus Tip

  • Get the code working(Copy/paste)
  • Ask how it works
  • Change or break it
  • Ask why it doesn't work

Rinse, Repeat.

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